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The Many Faces of Bhrigha GypsiKelt:

Bellydancin’ Her Bliss & Moonlight Modeling

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Finalist for Portland’s Best Female Model & Best-Dressed/Most Stylish Female 2012!!  
2 separate categories! http://portlandfashionandstyleawards.com/vote

Bhrigha GypsiKelt

Entertainer  ✯  Model

A dual graduate of Central Florida’s renowned Lisa Maile Image & Modeling School, Bhrigha has been modeling throughout the years in print & on the runway since her teens & enjoys being in front of the camera. She started in commercial modeling & acting as a teen in the theme park atmosphere of Mickey Mouse Land - Orlando, FL.  Her parents say she’s  a "ham," photographers she works with say she’s a natural and so much fun to work with. Bored with trying to be “normal” and having a background in theatre & acting, since her teens as well,  Bhrigha branched out to find her bliss in the weirdness that is Portland, OR. She firmly believes that "all the world's a stage!" and loves to bring a sense of drama & theatricality to any shoot she does; always the professional, never a diva, unless she’s pretending to be one for a shoot!!